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NONO Hair, You're Not Going Anywhere

A name says so much. It's the first impression and the first imprint of definable information. NONO Hair is "thermicon technology" that singes the hair growth and sends a pulse down the hair follicle, eventually damaging it. A buffing apparatus is then used to remove the singed hair. This NoNo Hair has a lot of questionable reviews that state there is no, nada, hair removal or long-term benefits of use. It has been on the market since 2004, and new models continue to be made. Hair removal is a trying chore for most, and no one system has dominated another. Is NoNo Hair a new technology that will stand the test of time like waxing, epilating, or sugaring?


After charging the device for five hours per use, the No No Hair Removal sends heat through a thin wire that singes the top hair. At the same time sending an electrical current down the hair shaft to the follicle. Eventually damaging the hair follicle. A buffering disc is then used t…

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