How Does the No No Hair Removal System Works

Growth of hair in the body of human being is one of the natural phenomenon that people have no way of evading but rather find a way of controlling the growth of hair in the body. The need required in controlling the amount of hair in the body made Radiancy Corporation to come up with a devise in 2004 called the no! No! Hair removal series that had a special design of plucking and saving hair from different parts of the body. The devise has no any complexities that entails its operation thus preferred by both women as well as men.

How it works? 

The devise uses a unique themermicon technology to loosen the hair around follicle using some gentle pulses of heat. According to the conformation from the producing company, the process causes no pain to the user and gives lasting results. While using the hair follicle removing gadget, electrical pulses passes through a thin wire that create a shock in the hair follicle. This initiates a slow destruction of the hair follicle over time that results in reduction of the amount of hair on the applied region. After the usage of the devise, there will be notable stubbles that limit the smoothness of the areas shave. Thus, it is always advisable to use a buffer after using the devise.

Marketing of NO! NO Hair removal series

The company producing this devise still have few authorized dealers. However, the company offer an option of shopping the devise online directly from company’s website. Buying the devise online has limited risk because in case of any default in the devise within the warranty period, the company would be replacing devise for the company free. Besides, shopping online gives the customer that ability of knowing the types of devise in the stock.


The hair removal devise is one of the economical devices that a person ought to be investing on in the present world. Thus, if a person would like to consider at home hair removal devise the best option would be choosing No No Hair Removal series.


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